We’ve seen the iPhone 6 pictured in basically every position or version possible and today we catch a glimpse of what could be a waterproof version of the handset. This supposed iPhone 6 has been pictured in China and it has a slightly curved screen.


This may well be a dummy, since the device seems made of plastic, especially the front side. Also, the design of the handset looks very much like the one from the leaked sketches over the past days and the other pics. In spite of the huge number of leaks, none of them hinted towards a waterproof iPhone, so this is total novelty, but it may also be a special case of sorts.

Other flagships like the Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 have already gone the waterproofing way and the LG G3 is also rumored to do the same. We also wonder if both the 5.5 inch iPhone and the 4.7 inch one will go through the waterproofing. As usual we take everything with a grain of salt, since Apple has never been a trend follower, but rather a trend setter. What do you make of these leaks?