Symbian Foundation has recently announced that it’s going to release its first OS pretty soon, in a beta version, in the next weeks. This software is an open source operating system that will hit retail in the first half of 2010.


Here’s a video showing the new Symbian’s graphic architecture in action:

The first Symbian Foundation OS bears the name of Symbian 2 and it turns out that developers have already started finding bugs, so the feedback will help specialists develop a great final version of the software. Symbian Foundation is also working on a PDK (Product Development Kit), used by phone makers who build handsets based on a certain OS.

The PDK is also not finalised yet, but it should be in about a month. Symbian 2 comes with support for all types of devices (form factors, resolutions and input methods may vary) and a customizable home screen with widgets. Developers are trying to unify the features of S60, UIQ and MOAP platforms into a single software solution that will conquer the mobile market in 2010 and this will be called Symbian 3.

[via Symbian Freak]

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