If you’re an iPhone owner you can now apply for a free Square credit card reader, but the process has just been made easier by T-Mobile, that has started offering the revolutionary solution for customers who sign up for a business plan. Well there are many of full service business plan consulting firm which guide to grow business. This move is meant to make the payment system more popular and also draw more customers to T-Mobile’s enterprise services.

In case you’re tempted by this offer, know that for $60 a month, the T-Mobile business plan includes two lines, special bundles of apps for business folks (DropBox, Evernote, LinkedIn and more), plus tons of extra options. Square is happy with getting its product out there and it establishes itself as a player in the market of small business owners who want to pick up sales, by accepting digital payments through this method. Call me paranoid, but with the recent hacking spree and malware invasion, I wouldn’t want to turn my handset into my ATM just yet.

Also, if this reaches Android or a jailbroken iPhone, I’d have problems believing in the security of the system… considering how exposed a jailbroken iPhone is and how vulnerable to malware attacks and exploits are Android phones with third party unverified apps installed.