November will be an incredible month for everyone, with T-Mobile already preparing us for Black Friday and the holiday season. This year they have a super launch day scheduled on November 2nd, that includes dozens of T-Mobile new smartphones pictured below in the leaked roadmap.


The products list includes the Galaxy Tab Plus 7 inch tablet, the follow-up to the original Galaxy Tab, plus the BlackBerry Dumoine (aka the new Torch) and the Samsung Arnold aka the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Another interesting piece of gear is the Huawei Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot that will come earlier than October, since it’s scheduled for October 19th.

The list continues with LG Maxx and Maxx Touch, two new handsets with moderate features, as well as LG Flip II, then HTC Omega (Radar 4G) and Huawei Tallsome (maybe the MediaPad 7 incher?). Samsung Ancora is also on this roadmap as a strange name that might in fact be the Exhibit 4G replacement or the Galaxy W. So, will you get any of these?

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