Turns out that the iPhone is not only a portable console, a great media player and the perfect device to browse the web, but also a neat medical assistant, or it will be, once the new OS kicks in. Turns out we’ll be seeing medical apps on iPhone OS 3.0, as smartphones tend to become important tools for doctors, who can research and locate medical info at any time.



One of these apps uses a blood-pressure cuff plugged into the connector at the bottom side of the handset. With the aid of the software on the iPhone, you’ll be able to inflate the cuff and measure someone’s blood pressure. Also, thanks to the supported 3G connection, you’ll send the resulting data to your doctor, for real time monitoring.

The second app was demoed a while back by a Johnson & Johnson representative and this also comes with a device that needs to be attached to the handset: a blood glucose testing machine. Using this device, you’ll test the patient’s glucose level and get feedback and treatments from a community of people with diabetes. You’ll also be able to get various readings and even view graphics of your glucose level’s evolution.

It seems that iPhone OS 3.0 will finally implement third party devices support on the iPhone and increase the usefulness of the handset, expanding its area of expertise. I’m still waiting for an iPhone user to say “this phone said my life”, as this doesn’t seem as far off as some might think.

[via pcmag]

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