The iPhone gets even more versatile in its applications, with the introduction of the Fring VOIP one. The Voice Over Internet Protocol is now perfectly adapted for compatibility with the iPhone and perfectly relates to the calling purposes of the handset.


To be more precise, the software which will be available for use on the iPhone as well from now on lets users make free, Internet-based calls. The connection can be made with other Fring users as well as Fring using Skype, Skype-out or any other SIP provider, which opens the door for a lot of possibilities.

The greatest thing about the application is that it is friendly with the most often used chat software, such as MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter and Yahoo! and AIM protocols. Moreover, it lets users make calls over WiFi while keeping alive their chat services which rely on 3G, WiFi, GPRS and EDGE to function.

Fring says it all on their blog, which you can visit here.

[via: powerpage]

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