Nokia Vertu Auris has high chances at the “bling-bling of the year” award. Only the front cover is made of 18K yellow gold (750), while the total mass is of 25.7 grams. And yes, that surely adds weight to the phone, literally, not only on the value scale.

Going down, to the keypad, we find even more 18K gold, as in the case of luxury phones everything that shines is never too much. The back plate is made of African Ebony black wood and covered with paint resistant to scratches. Lining it is made of 18K gold. Yes, add some more grams to the counter.

The display, camera and flash are made of sapphire glass, while the internal mechanics are made of sterling silver. And when you think that all of this came from the original shape of Nokia N73, it looks like a great “Pimp my N73 phone” job done.

[via: ebay]