Thuraya Telecommunications Company has just launched a new rugged satellite phone, known as the Thuraya XT. The device is compatible with the global telecom IP54/IK03 standards and uses a glare-resistant display, allowing the user to read the on screen text even in bright sunlight.


The handset’s battery lasts for about 6 hours, while the standby time reaches 80 hours, making Thuraya XT one of the most reliable phones in its segment. Also, we found out that the new device comes with built in GPS, SMS, fax, e-mail and a cool Organizer, plus support for 12 languages, we are not quite clear if it will work with Afghan Wireless service.

Thuraya XT is compact, lightweight (193 grams), so it’ll be solid gold for journalists and militaries who need a tough and well performing phone.

[via mobilewhack]