As FCC aproved the Verizon – Alltel deal, the first company became the largest carrier in the US, by subscriber base, surpassing AT&T. However, this move was not yet felt, as AT&T continues to stay at the top of the US wireless carriers ranking.

The Q3 top 5 is led by AT&T with 74.9 million subscribers and it turns out that the carrier managed to get 2 million new clients in the past 3 months. On second place comes Verizon Wireless with 2.1 million new subscribers in Q3 and 70.8 million customers as a total.

Sprint Nextel is last on the podium, although it lost 1.3 million customers and the carrier is followed by T-Mobile on 4 and Alltel on the fifth spot, by subscriber counts.

[via Intomobile]