The US Patents and Trademarks Office was pretty busy over the past week, having to review some pretty interesting handset trademarks. They included the HTC Arrive model, that has very much the same description as the HTC Passion, leaked a while ago. The Arrive was initially called Ruby and it’s a Windows Phone 7 device.


Meanwhile, another interesting model is the Kyocera Echo, a retail name for a handset otherwise known as Sanyo Orange. The same brand has another interesting product with the trademarked name “Fliptab”, sounding more like a tablet than anything else. Also, a device called Samsung Mion 4G was spotted in the European trademark office system and now in the US one.

This model is possibly AT&T and T-Mobile material, with their “4G” aka 3.5G connectivity support. Last, Moto filed a trademark for the name Tabdock, possibly a dock for the Atrix 4G smartphone or another accessory for the device.

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