The industrious folks of ifixit are at it again, stripping the Verizon iPhone 4 of components and publishing online their findings. Well, believe it or not, the handset should be a world phone, since it uses the Qualcomm MDM6600 chip, that you can see below. This is the same chipset on the Motorola Droid Pro, that’s a world phone.


This means that the phone supports CDMA2000 connectivity and HSPA+, that was disabled by Apple in this version of the device. Why? Probably because of the antenna issues that Apple previously had, or maybe the fear for battery consumption. This is sort of good news for the future iPhone, that could support both CDMA and GSM, unless the Cupertino giant decides against it again.

Well, people are already thinking about hacks (hardware or software) to make the Verizon iPhone a world phone, but without a SIM slot, it’s pretty much impossible.

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