There’s a bunch of photos and videos out there, showing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Verizon version in its packaging and ready to debut. Supposedly, the phone should come this week and hit the Verizon shops, according to the latest rumors. Well, I’d advise you not to believe rumors, since some of them even brought back the name Prime for this handset last week…


This time we have image proof that the phone is coming on the 9th as promised. This is the first Android 4.0 handset with a 720p display and a very solid rival for the likes of HTC Rezound, Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid 4, all of them either coming or already available on Verizon. Also, all of these smartphones offer 4G LTE connectivity, just like the new Nexus, so the choice is even harder to make.

If we take into account the latest leaks, the LTE Galaxy Nexus will sport some design modifications compared to the non 4G one. Also, I sure hope that the volume bug will already be fixed on the units sold this week. Or at least Google could deliver on its promise and give the public the software fix in the next couple of days. Are you really interested in a 720p 4.65 inch smartphone with a crappy 5MP camera and Android 4.0?

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