It appears that Ice Cream Sandwich has already received a minor update, since there’s a picture of a Galaxy Nexus unit out there, running Android 4.0.2. We’re still expecting the Verizon version of the handset to land in early December, possibly on the 8th or 9th of this month…


I’m curios whether or not this updated Ice Cream Sandwich was released to fix the volume bug on the Galaxy Nexus, or it’s simply the first minor update to the latest Android. Also, I can’t tell if early buyers of the Galaxy Nexus will get this software installed, or have to wait for the OTA update. Also, in case you’re wondering about battery life, the folks of Droid Life were kind enough to post the battery usage screenshot above.

I have to say it’s not that bad, considering that we’re dealing with a LTE phone over here. Now after the volume bug gets fixed, I’ll be waiting for some other issues to appear… the usual signal problem, maybe some display and camera bugs, who knows? It’s always the same story: a hot handset with many problems found by few users.

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