After finding out that Vodafone UK is readying HTC Tattoo, the very first Sense Android phone with an affordable price, for an October launch, we’re being overwhelmed with future launches of the British carrier. The images you can see below show the hottest handsets of this Fall and probably also in the holiday season.


Vodafone UK plans to launch in the following months top handsets like Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia E72, LG GM750, Sony Ericsson Satio, the XPERIA X2, Samsung Genio Touch and Vodafone 533 Crystal. Notice that there’s a phone for every budget and taste, so we’ve got the well specced Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2, the hot 12.1 megapixel cameraphone Satio and the low end Vodafone 533 Crystal.

Nokia E72 will cater to the business needs of the customers, while LG GM750 certainly looks like a good option, as far as navigation is concerned. Also, if you’ve missed the Nokia N97 handset, you can now get its little brother, the Mini, coming in October, just like the majority of the handsets pictured below (launch date in the right side of the pic).




[via Vodafone]