If you plan on getting an iPhone 4 unit via Vodafone UK, when it comes out, we have good news: the official prices for the handset have just been made available. Thus, we learn that the phone will be available for free, in the 16GB version and with a £60 per month tariff.


For the 32GB version, you’ll pay £59, with the £60 per month tariff, or up to £309, with a £25 per month tariff. Back to the 16GB iPhone 4, the device will cost up to £219, with a £25 per month fee. As far as the 3GS iPhone is concerned, its new price is £119, with a £25 per month tariff, or free, either with £35, £40 or £60 per month fees.

We have to mention that the prices shown above apply for the 24 month plans, but you can check out Vodafone UK’s site for 18 months plans and more info.

[via Vodafone]

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