Ever since the Nokia N9 came out, people have been discussing this product and whether or not it deserved to be killed like that… Now you get one of the last chances to purchase the treasured handset, in its white version, at least if you live in Finland. In the Nordic country the device goes for 629.90 in its pure color version.


Spending all that moola will get you a smartphone with Android and huge display, plus a dual core processor and tons of apps… That can’t be said about the dying N9, with the dying MeeGo, although this OS will continue to live, in one way or another, maybe as Tizen. However, the N9 has already receive tons of prizes for innovative design and great hardware, plus the swipe in MeeGo made everyone fans, so you have all the reasons to go for the purchase.

I, for one am a big fan of the N9 and would recommend the purchase, but maybe not for this steep price… I wonder if porting Windows Phone to some N9s and selling them as dual boot phones with MeeGo would make them more viable for purchase. They would surely be more original, at least. What do you say?

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