Although Motorola’s newfound love is Android OS, some developers hired by the American handset manufacturer managed to post details regarding Windows Mobile 7 on their Linkedin profiles. Imagine that… Don’t expect huge details though, but rather minor hints and indications.


Handwriting recognition is said by the included in the yet unreleased operating system, so that means stylus support all the way, good news for those who can’t work without their “pen”. Among the leaked details there’s also the support for Tegra solutions, but that’s not much of a surprise, since we saw it get featured on Zune HD, too.

To end the list there are couple of less interesting features, like the MEMS sensors, accelerometer and compass, plus Outlook DB management. Live Search functionality is also included and last we heard Win Mo 7 was coming in April 2010, but don’t bet your house on it, just yet.

[via mobilecrunch]

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