You must have heard about Alexander Amosu, the brand that adorns the world most expensive suit, costing £70,000 and making it to the Guinness book of records. Now there’s another product under the same branding, this time the world most expensive BlackBerry, with encrusted diamonds.


350 hours of craftmanship were put into this beautiful handset, that features solid 18 carat yellow gold, and 4,459 brilliant cut diamonds, weighing 28.43 carats. The Amosu-branded BlackBerry can be personalized with the user’s name or company logo and comes with a concierge service available at any time, just like in the case of Vertu phones.


This precious device will set you back £125,000 and there’s already a Middle Eastern man who bought such a beauty. 3 such BlackBerry will be ever made and you can see the handset in action below:

[via trendygadget]