Xiaomi could opt for sapphire material for its protective cover implemented on an upcoming phone. The newcomer is a 5.7 incher that could be unveiled at CES 2015, as the Xiaomi Mi5. The info comes from sources in China, within the supply chain.


Japanese firm Kyocera has already launched smartphones with sapphire covers this year, using their internal sapphire supply. Those products even reached the US market via Verizon, while Vivo and Huawei also debuted similar models in Asia. If Xiaomi goes with sapphire, they will have to take the same risks Apple did and the Cupertino got burned while working with GT Advanced.

The disadvantages include higher prices, lower yields and apparently less resilience to scratches, according to Corning, who says Gorilla Glass is tougher than sapphire in the end. Lens Technology and Biel Crystal Manufactory are two names that could work with Xiaomi in the future.

via Digitimes