Xiaomi’s future flagship, the Mi 5 was said to feature the most high end specs available on the market, but now it doesn’t seem quite that way. Turns out that the device is going to get a Full HD screen only, so no Quad HD here.



We can’t say we’re surprised by this, since the likes of Huawei or ASUS have been hanging onto Full HD for a while now, even for flagships. There was also a theory that said Xiaomi’s flagship was going to have no less than 4 versions, including one with a Quad HD screen and one with Full HD. Anyway, Wanquiang Li, one of the firm’s cofounders put an end to speculation, saying that the newcomer will bring a 1080p resolution.

The info came via a social network and the choice was made on account of the high power usage of the Quad HD panel. Hints were also made towards “Black Screen ” technology, which may have to do with an AMOLED panel, known for its deep blacks. In the meantime, we’ll remind you the phone is meant to debut on February 24th, with a 3600 mAh battery, 4 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 820.

via frandroid.com

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