A 4K screen phone is something that feels like overkill right now, but not if you’ve seen the latest rumors about the Galaxy Note 5. Well, it appears that there’s another model out there with a similar feature, judging by the specs of the ZTE Star 3, that have leaked online.



We’ve seen this phone before, in these slightly unconvincing renders from here, but back then there was no info about a 4K screen. Considering the Galaxy Note 5 and its rumored 4K 5.8 inch screen will offer a 748 PPI density, the 806 ppi value of the ZTE Star 3 means that the screen size is 5.5 inches. It’s all the subject of leak and speculations, so take it with a grain of salt.


There’s mention of a TFT panel, which is pretty much a waste, since we all know that IPS LCD or AMOLED are better. However, this is supposed to be a new type of TFT, that relies on a brand new crystal structure and lower power usage. There are two things that I fear for this phone: poor battery life because of the 4K screen and some tradeoffs, like viewing angles.

via news.mydrivers.com

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