With all the recent talks about a Microsoft Surface phone, we tend to forget that there might have actually been such a phone already, in the past. And no, I’m not talking about the Kin phones here. It appears that at some point Microsoft, or better said one of its design firm partners came up with a design for a Zune phone, the Zune HD2.

Microsoft’s Zune media players were ignored by the public, being seen as lesser iPods at the time of their debut. Zune HD was the last of them and it apparently had a phone version ready for debut, one that looked like the device above. The image is created by Greg McNamara and was done for Astro Studios. Astro is the firm that designed the first Zune HD and these are merely sketches or what might have been the very first Windows Phone.

Zune HD2 doesn’t look half bad in this case, in spite of being pretty bulky. It does have a sci-fi allure about it and that front lower side speaker is fantastic, if you ask me. However, I’m not sure how user-friendly the trapeze shape of the device is… Anyway, one can only dream that this will happen one day, since the Zune is dead.

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