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Apple iPhone Users More than WM Users in the US, According to Study

Last we’ve seen the statistics and data regarding the well performing iPhone, the handset was outselling Windows Mobile devices and had a greater online presence. Now, we learn that the phone was also more used in October, when compared to the Microsoft devices, according to a recent study.


The survey regarding mobile OS market share was performed by research firm comScore and found that the iPhone OS has reached 9 million US users by the month of October, leaving behind Microsoft with its 7 million users.

Statistics show that about 36 million Americans own a smartphone, while 196 million more use a standard cellphone. Back in August, we were first shown signs of Apple’s dominance, as it pushed past Windows Mobile phones in sales (Q2 2009) and had a 13.7% market share, while Windows Mobile devices managed to score a mere 9%.

A very impressive collection of data has shown that the iPhone was responsible for half of all mobile data traffic in the world, followed by Symbian with 25%, Android, with 11%, RIM, with 7% and Windows Mobile with 3%.

[via appleinsider]