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Samsung Galaxy Q Features Huge 5.3 Inch Display, Showcased at IFA 2011?

And we thought that the HTC Eternity smartphone and its 4.7 inch display was huge… now there’s an even bigger unit, the Samsung Galaxy Q, that’s supposedly packing a 5.3 inch display. This model will appear at IFA 2011, that will debut in September and take place in Berlin.

Considering that the Dell Streak was seen as a tablet and this new device has a display even bigger than it, than this is more of a slate than a phone. What’s really nice is that the Galaxy Q will sport a Super AMOLED Plus display, according to rumors. Android is the OS of choice, while the rest of the details remain unknown.

What’s the next step? Maybe a 7.5 inch screen on a combo between smartphone a tinier Sony Vaio-like unit? Also, it would be nice to see Honeycomb running on the Galaxy Q if possible.