And we thought that the HTC Eternity smartphone and its 4.7 inch display was huge… now there’s an even bigger unit, the Samsung Galaxy Q, that’s supposedly packing a 5.3 inch display. This model will appear at IFA 2011, that will debut in September and take place in Berlin.


Considering that the Dell Streak was seen as a tablet and this new device has a display even bigger than it, than this is more of a slate than a phone. What’s really nice is that the Galaxy Q will sport a Super AMOLED Plus display, according to rumors. Android is the OS of choice, while the rest of the details remain unknown.

What’s the next step? Maybe a 7.5 inch screen on a combo between smartphone a tinier Sony Vaio-like unit? Also, it would be nice to see Honeycomb running on the Galaxy Q if possible.

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