The Apple Watch is certainly the most awaited product of the Spring and the 18 karat gold edition is already appealing to some customers who are willing to pay for the premium experience. The product has actually been analyzed by people in the know and found to be containing quite a lot of gold



Greg Koenig, cofounder of the Luma Labs has performed a calculation, in order to find an approximate value of the gold included on the 42 mm gold Apple Watch. His guess is merely an estimate, so don’t bet your house on it. The guess is 29.16 grams, which means $853.82 at today’s gold prices. Of course, the estimation is still missing some components, like the crown, button, strap clasps and molding runners.

The whole idea was to use the info that the average wall thickness between the thicker structural areas and the thinner section is 1.15 mm. By the way, a gold Rolex costs $38k and has a raw gold value of $4k, so Apple’s approach isn’t far from the other luxury brands. As you know, the Cupertino giant intends to keep the watches in safes at Apple Stores and for good reason.

Expect a $5000 price tag or so.

via cultofmac

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