Nokia N9 may be a beautiful, but it’s even more impressive in the hands of beautiful ladies. With the occasion of the N9’s launch in Venezuela, the phone was caught on camera in the hands of a sexy trio: Miss Venezuela, Miss Internacional and Miss Venezuela Mundo. Here they are:


They seem to like the policarbonate unibody design, that’s pretty elegant and fancy. What better way to promote your phone than putting it in the hands of beautiful women? Sony Ericsson has Maria Sharapova as brand image, while Nokia just got these 3 beautiful ladies to stand for the N9. Nokia must have seen all of those Korean Samsung launches, where hot girls with Galaxy phones are all over the place. To be honest, I usually don’t see many Nokia phones in official launches held by hotties…

It appears that the lessons of marketing from Microsoft paid off: first they bundled an Xbox 360 with the Lumia 800 and it sells like crazy, now the N9 is in the hands of Miss Venezuelas. What’s next? The N8 also had great promotional campaigns, if you remember, involving both Pamela Anderson and a huge cinema in Sweden.

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