One of the Nokia executives seems to have goodies for us, claiming that the company will be launching 40 handset models this year, with at least 30% being smartphones. The info appeared during an interview with the Hindustan Times and it’s detailed in the following lines.


This is by no means something shocking, considering that Nokia has been releasing this number of devices (or close) for the past 5 years. I guess we’ll never see Nokia going the Apple way, with a single new model released each year, but maybe less is more in their case? Why go with the same specs and different form factors?

Just look at the N8, E7 andC7… Pretty much the same features, with a tweak here and there, but the real change is in the design section. Well, we’ll first have to see some MeeGo love, than the new Symbian we’ve been hearing about and a Windows Phone 7 unit before saying if the approach is right or wrong…

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