Nokia T7-00 was previously spotted in a listing, with everyone thinking that it was in fact a tablet, because of the “T” in its name… Well, turns out that we’re dealing with a phone after all, as shown by these pics published by a Chinese website. T7-00 looks very much like the Nokia N8’s little brother…


It’s supposed to run Symbian^3, but it will replace the 12 megapixel camera with an 8 megapixel one. Also, this device sports an AMOLED touchscreen with a 360 x 640 pixel resolution, an ARM11 CPU (700 MHz) and a GPU that supports OpenGL 2.0. The rest of the specs are pretty standard: microUSB port, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and support for 3G.

No trace of HDMI, so this can be considered a dumbed down N8, or an E7 without a keyboard… Strangely enough, the T7-00 bears the marks of the N Series… Chinese clone, fake or simply a new device with a codename?

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