Acer Tempo M900 recently got demoed and analyzed and this time we’re dealing with a video covering its software. You can check it out below and know that you’ll first have a look at the Acer Shell Interface, that greatly resembles the TouchFLO 3D UI.


This Windows Mobile device uses the above-mentioned 3D-like desktop interface, that might at some time be too much for certain users. Acer Shell uses 3 main screens, so you’ll have to do a lot of side scrolling, plus we found out that this interface doesn’t integrate the rest of the Windows Mobile features too well.

There’s also a biometric security scanner included and it works great, providing extra security for the paranoid users. Turns out that you can use this system as an optical mouse or D-pad, although it tends to be buggy. Some beta testers went even as far as encouraging Acer to release a new ROM with less bugs for the M900, so “buggy” is they key word for this software.

[via Pocketnow]

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