On Monday, Apple revealed the new iPhone 3GS handset, claiming that it’s got twice the speed and performance of the iPhone 3G. These promising specs are based on a powerful 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU and a PowerVR SGX graphics accelerator.


Also, an analysis of the new handset’s hardware reveals that the iPhone 3GS comes with twice the L1 cache of the previous model plus 256KB of L2 cache (not supported on previous iPhones). A GPU upgrade is also present and the PowerVR SGX will now be handling graphics, with a 600% increase in geometry performance and 150% increase in fill rate.

Interestingly enough, this handset manages to support OpenGL ES 2.0, but the old iPhone doesn’t, so good luck to developers trying to create apps for both handsets, specially the software involving OpenGL ES 2.0.

[via GSM Arena]