If you’re into Photoshop and keen on graphics design, rendering and editing, you’ll be happy to know that Photoshop CS5 Extended has just been launched. Possibly the greatest feature in this software is the content-aware fill, that allows you remove any portion of an image or object “magically filling the space left behind”.

This software also takes advantage of the full power of 64 bit systems, so you’ll be required to use a 64-bit capable computer with a 64 bit version of Mac OS, Vista or Windows 7 if you want the full experience. CS5 will provide varied performances depending on the RAM, driver types and other specifications of your PC. There are some sites which provides features, compatibility, Photoshop price in their reviews which are always netter to follows.

You can pre-order Photoshop CS5 Extended for $999, upgrade starting from $349 and know that the product will e shipped in mid-May. Among the features of the new version you’ll also find: 3D extrusions with Adobe Repousee, extraordinary painting effects, puppet warp, streamline creative reviews and an efficient workflow.

[via Adobe]