In case there were any doubts that there’s an iPhone 4G/ iPhone HD unit leaked out there and in the hands of the Gizmodo editors, here’s an extra proof: Apple recently sent Gizmodo an official letter (pictured below_ claiming that they want their iPhone back. We have to mention that Gizmodo paid $5000 for it, to the person who found laying in a bar.


Of course, the famous site agreed to return the unit, but what will happen to the unlucky employee who caused all of this? The poor guy’s name is Gray Powell and we know that he’s a software engineer for the Cupertino giant, working on Baseband. He happened to hit the Gourmet Haus Staudt bar for a couple of beers and forgot his iPhone 4G prototype on a chair, after updating his Facebook status with it.

Powell (pictured below) lost the handset on March 10th and as far as we know he still works for Apple and… well, he’s still alive. We have to remind you that one year ago, a Foxconn employee in China stole an iPhone 4G prototype and was later found dead, apparently having committed suicide.

[via Gizmodo]

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