After a series of gamepads and game cases for the iPad, iPhone and iPod have been released over the year, it would appear that Apple is ready to make its own. The company has been granted a gaming accessory patent, that’s detailed below.


The US Patent and Trademark Office has officially published a series of 34 fresh patents awarded to Apple, including one related to gaming. It describes a number of gaming accessories that provide an iDevice with gaming functions. Apple has probably seen the success of products made by Logitech and the likes and decided to make its own gear. The aim is to create an interface between the iDevice and the game, with new commands and controls in the mix.

The product has the usual features, such as rumble vibration, movement sensors and control pad. There’s a steering wheel in the mix, too, apparently. It would be possible that the gaming accessory is offered in a modular form factor and can be turned into a steering wheel, tennis racket, gun or sword, like the Wiimote.6a0120a5580826970c01b8d0c9320f970c-800wi


via patentyapple