Although the Coolpad X7 was announced recently, it appears that there’s already a new flagship coming from the same company. The newcomer is related to the X7 and it’s apparently dubbed Coolpad X7 Max.



It managed to leak in a few sketches, shown below and above and the preliminary info talks about a dual camera and a dual screen of sorts, unless the purpose has been lost in translation. The source claims the sketches actually expose two flagships and at least one of them is the Coolpad X7 Max. Since it’s a “Max” unit, speculations talk about a 5.5 inch, 5.7 inch or 6 inch screen.

The dual camera thing isn’t surprising, seeing how companies like Huawei have explored the format recently. The dual screen mentioned by the source seems more interesting, with another screen applied at the back of the flagship device. This sounds like a highly experimental smartphone that we can’t wait to see.



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