Due to all the fuss concerning the iPhone 4 “grip of death”, or better said the phone holding position that makes you drop calls or lose signal, it’s no wonder Apple employees have been trained how to deal with angry customers. One such training document was leaked online, detailing the procedure of dealing with a customer who owns a malfunctioning iPhone 4.


The AppleCare representatives who are dealing with reception issues will have to mention that the iPhone 4 is the best device shipped so far, with a wireless performance surpassing the one on the iPhone 3GS. Also, the employee must claim that gripping almost any handset in a certain spot will reduce its reception and this happens in all of the wireless world.

If the lost signal issue pops up on the iPhone 3GS, the user must avoid covering the bottom right side of the handset, while on the iPhone 4, the user must avoid covering the black strip in the lower left corner of the metal band. It’s also mentioned that the use of a case or Bumper made out of rubber or plastic will improve wireless performance, but Apple is NOT going to hand out free accessories of this kind…

So, basically they’re king of admitting they’ve failed, but not totally. Great!

[via phonedog]

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