Apple iPad was available for pre-order starting Friday, March 12th and it seems that the product is a success, since it reached 120,000 sales on the very first day. This is an early estimate so expect the total number for the week to be impressive, proving that Apple still have it takes to create a successful device.


Of course, the first to purchase the tablet were fanboys, we suppose, or the folks who always buy something because it has the Apple logo on it. The best selling version of the iPad was the WiFi-only one, coming to the stores on April 3rd and available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions, each selling an equal number of units (more or less).

This means that Apple earned about $75 million on a single day and they were selling around 25,000 units per hour a couple of days ago. The 3G iPad will be shipped in late April 2010, available for $629, $729 or $829 via pre-order right now.

[via Tablet News]

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