Darren Gladstone, from PC World has written an excellent article on the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre, comparing the two devices, after using them for quite some time. This is not your average rushed review, just hours before the phone’s launch…



He claims that reviewers usually miss out the real life use of the phone, since they have to mess with the fresh device as fast as they can, in order to get their article published first. Darren spent 2 full weeks using the phones and the first conclusion was that he missed a physical keyboard, so Palm Pre was the winner of this segment.

In fact, Pre’s keyboard is its main advantage, when compared to the iPhone 3GS’, that’s still good, but virtual and not feedbacky enough. Another flaw of the new iPhone is the plans it comes with, via AT&T. It costs the user $50 for unlimited texts and data, plus the calls that take the whole amount to $140 per month.


Meanwhile, Pre is available on Sprint and it’ll only make you reach $100 per month, voice and data included. Of course, the iPhone 3GS does have its advantages, like the speed, both in web browsing and simply opening any menu or app on the handset. Sadly, Palm Pre gets stuck in the Calendar menu and lags a bit, while browsing is not as fast as expected.

If you want to learn why the iPhone 3GS’ compass is useful and what the deal with the Amazon MP3 integration on Pre is, check out the full review here.

[via PC World]

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