We’ve covered various rugged phones over the last months, but never have they been put to a tougher type of stress than the usual drop on the floor, key scratching and water pouring. It’s time now to test the handsets meeting the Military Specification 810F: Motorola Tundra VA76r, Sonim XP3, Verizon G’zOne Boulder.


The first phone, the Moto was dropped and still it kept working and then it was sunk in water and survived, at least till the fifth fall in the toilet, when the handset cracked and drowned. Also, it took only too boot smashes to kill the device, so you’re not getting the $200 value with a 2 year contract.

Then it was the turn of Sonim XP3, that goes for $500 unlocked to be put to the test. It was dropped a lot of times and even bounced, thanks to its rubberized surface. Next, it was bathed and bathed again and still no trace of weakness. Finally, it took 8 stomps to kill the device, since some circuit must have gotten loose inside.

Last, the $130 Verizon G’zOne Boulder was tested, by being dropped, drowned and stomped on, jumped on, hit with the baseball bat and guess what… nothing happened. We have a winner! Here’s the video showing the above-mentioned torture.

[via popularmechanics]

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