We’ve got the first bits and pieces concerning Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0, that looks pretty promising right now. We also know that the software will make its debut before the next gen iPhone does and it may even come next week, during the supposed Apple Tablet launch event in San Francisco.


An inside source at Apple let the folks of BGR know a few details regarding the new iPhone OS, stuff like features and enhancements. Thus, we’ve found out that the multi-touch gestures will prevail in this OS, that might actually make it to the tablet, as well. Also, multitasking should be supported, allowing the iPhones to run apps in the background.

There will be graphical and UI changes to make the navigation easier and more efficient, plus the update will be available on the iPhone 3G and 3GS, promising to make them “the full fledged computers”, whatever that means. The last piece of leak says that there will also be a new syncing ability enabled by this OS version, for contacts and calendar apps.

[via BGR]

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