AppleInsider has the scoop on some very wealthy Apple officials, who have recently converted stocks into cash. These are Bob Mansfield, Steve Jobs’ lieutenant and Ron Johnson, the creator of the Genius Bar Apple retail. Mansfied exercised 40,000 stock options, with the starting price of $36.54, but they were offloaded for $308 each, for a profit of $10,858,400 before taxes.


Mansfield became part of the Cupertino team in 1999, as Apple acquired Raycer Graphics and in 2008 he was promoted to senior VP of Mac Hardware Engineering. Right now, the official is the senior VP of Mac and Devices Hardware Engineering. Ron Johnson cashed in big time, exercising 150,000 options for a profit of $44,151,000 before taxes.

The same man made a profit of nearly $113 million 3 years ago, exercising 700,000 options.

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