Samsung’s Galaxy S4 event may not have been a big deal, but it was big enough to make Apple react. They did so by posting on an official page that congratulates them on the achievements of the iPhone. The motto is “there’s iPhone and then there’s everything else”.



The web buzz these days is all about Samsung and Apple wanted to rain on their parade. Apple is saying that its devices simply work and they let people do many things easily. Apple also brags about the 8 JD Power and Associates awards it received for customer satisfaction. This means that the iPhone has won one each year since it first debuted in 2007. The Cupertino giant also compares its product with a finely crafted watch and lists unique features like Retina Display and battery life.

Apple also emailed its customers about the launch of the new page, something that bothered some users. The company is also proud of the aluminum case of the handset and its design process. This section is basically a recap of Phil Schiller’s comments about the iPhone before the Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched. He reminded everyone that the iPhone’s display is “still the best display of any smartphone”. He also praised the battery life of the Apple handset and how light and thin it is. Siri and the fact that the iPhone “is the world’s most popular camera” were also mentioned. More sickening self praise is available here

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