Now with the Verizon Droid out and all, some may think that an iPhone killer was unleashed, when in fact this is more of a BlackBerry killer. An AppleInsider blog post suggests that Verizon might show some love for the iPhone pretty soon, with a possible debut in Q3 2010.



Also, we learn that there will be a new “hybrid iPhone”, that’ll operate on GSM/UMTS networks, plus CDMA systems. This means that Apple will be able to sell this device to all carriers worldwide and Verizon specifically. We remind you that AT&T and T-Mobile use the GSM/UMTS standards, while Verizon and sprint are all about CDMA.

Although it seems unlikely, the new world mode iPhone will also sport a different design, with a 2.8 inch screen, making the phone 20% smaller than the screen on the iPhone version selling now. Investment research firm OTR Global has a report saying that the new hybrid phone will be built by Asustek subsidiary Pegatron and not Hon Hai, the current Apple partner.

[via CNET]

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