Another week, another series of Apple Tablet-related rumours, this time with a bit more substance than usual. Bill Keller talked mentioned the upcoming Apple Tablet and called it the “Apple Slate” during a speech to the digital group at the New York Times. You can check out the speech in the video below and jump to 8:30 for the name of the tablet:

Keller also mentioned that the device is coming soon and New York Times will be bringing content to it, once it becomes available. Meanwhile, a leak has somewhat confirmed the existence of the same device, or that of a new iPhone. A SIM-tray that looks a bit like the one on the iPhone 3GS was leaked, being seemingly made by Foxconn.


Turns out that this tray could belong to the tablet, specially because it’s larger than the one on the iPhone 3GS and it has a bigger outer curve radius. Also, it uses a different extraction mechanism and a metal frame. This component will go on sale for $14.05 and its features show that it might be part of a device that’s thicker than the iPhone 3GS.

Anyone willing to bet that the Apple Slate will be revealed before Halloween?


[via Tablet News]

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