Apple’s 10 inch tablet is old news already, since it’s been specced, (fakely) detailed and shown up as a concept too many times to make out a new piece of info. Now, the fresh news of the day comes from a Gizmodo trusted source, claiming that Apple is readying two more tablet models, one with a 13 inch display and the other one with a 15 inch screen.


The same mystery source claims that there are two prototypes of the tablets available right now in Apple’s Shenzuen factory (China). These devices looks like huge aluminium iPhones and at least one of them is running OS X. No info whether or not the tablets are production models or pure demos, but I have a feeling we’ll be learning that in the following months.

We remind you that Apple has a special event coming in September, but that’s got nothing to with tablets… iPod Touch 3rd gen rather.

[via BGR]