Apple must have felt victorious when they scored a win against Samsung and got their Galaxy Nexus subjected to injunction, but not everything is working out exactly the same for them. For example, ITC denied Apple’s request for an emergency ban on HTC devices, although Apple’s moves delayed some HTC phones from reaching the USA.


You may remember the some newer models from HTC were held by the customs as their whole situation was figured out, since they were breaching some apple patents. The US customs had to hold shipments as the International Trade Commission investigated the alleged patent breach. Now Apple is countering the HTC claims of compliance and asks for a new ban. The ITC told Apple that there’s no way the emergency ban will be applied and HTC can safely deliver its products to shops as investigation continues.

HTC and Apple have been brawling in the courtroom for a while now and while they may not be as into the fight as Samsung and Apple, the Taiwanese company is still an Android partner. Last year I heard that HTC was one of the most exposed Android phone makers, when it comes to patents. Well, at least they managed to fight off the iGiant for now…

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