ASUS has just launched cool new videophone, the Touch AiGuru SV1T model, developed in partnership with Skype and able to make free unlimited video calls. As we’ve mentioned before, the device is a touchscreen videophone that packs a 7 inch display and provides a great video calling experience.



AiGuru SV1T incorporates a webcam, speaker, microphone and it supports WiFi, allowing the users to make unlimited video calls for free to Skype users. The videophone is easy to use, it’s based on an icon interface and supports video conferencing, for business use. Also, the device allows users to make fixed and mobile calls at cheap rates via Skype.

On board of the Asus videophone there’s also a mini jack headset and microphone, plus the phone relies on a rechargeable battery, that makes it portable for a while. Its touchscreen interface will allow you to easily input characters, add users to your list or search contacts.

[via ASUS]

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