Atom Run is a game that we’ve played and reviewed on the iPhone 5 and it felt a lot like Mega Man, which is a big compliment for any game. The title is available for free and it’s priced at $3. You can download it here on iOS.


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This is a retro futuristic game, that allows you to jump, run, push crates and get infinite lives, so you can take your time. The action takes place in 2264, when you control Elgo, a robot prototype. The game is optimized for Retina displays and it comes with a 2D game engine, but also parts of its are 3D. The music in Atom Run was composed by French electronic artist King Q4. There are no ads an no in app purchases here, in case you’re wondering.

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Each stage features 4 levels and each level has 3 objectives: get atoms, get molecules and challenge the time limit. The control is simple, as you go for a certain direction or press jump or double jump. Traps that you’ll have to stay away from include a variety of robots and you can even use moving platforms and some sort of vehicles to get around. The levels are quite challenging and the game may become frustrating in the long run. We give it a 7.8 out of 10 and we like very much the old school vibe of the platformer, that’s hard to come by these days.

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