On the display market beside big players like LG and Samsung, we also have AU Optronics, a Taiwanese company that recently unveiled new products and offerings for the next year. Among these products we have new display panels for wearables, for smartphones and integrated touch solutions.


For the wearable devices, AUO announced two square AMOLED panels with 1.5 and 1.6 inch size, products with a thickness of only 0.45 mm. Also, there’s a 1.4-inch circle AMOLED ultra-slim and light display with HD resolution, and a 1.3-inch transflective LTPS display that let us see the images clear even in bright sunlight.

Getting to mobile devices, we get to know that AUO unveiled a 6-inch Ultra HD 4K display, the first one of its kind that can be used for the high-end mobile devices. This panel offers a high level of brightness, a wide array of color, and definitely extremely sharp details.


The last product revealed is a 14-inch oT-Lite integrated touch solution that comes with support for professional graphic stylus. Among other products we have a 5-inch in-cell display and a 5.2 inch Full HD in-cell touch panel with LTPS technology. Sure, all these new products sound great, but we’re wondering how much a phone with 4K display will cost?!

via: androidcommunity.com

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