If you’re not familiar to the concept of augmented reality, worry not, as CNN has got an interesting piece for you, detailing this new technology. You can check it out in the video below, in order to learn about the newest service/app on Android and the iPhone, making the users’ life easier:


Just like good old Arnold in Terminator 2, you’ll perceive the surrounding reality around you with a layer of information overlayed on it.  What does this mean? You just hold out your cellphone with the camera pointed basically anywhere and see what surrounds you on screen. Via augmented reality any restaurant nearby will have some info written above it and any shops you come across have prices listed near them.

Also, augmented reality gets you to the nearest landmark, gives you directions, shows you the subway stations and much, much more. Will we soon lose the definition of reality in favor of a giant Second Life game?

[via CNN]

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